Monday, March 27, 2006
JOY (Dedicated to Patrick)

Joy is found in many a place
azaleas in bloom to a smiling face.
An unexpected bag of goldfish saved
from baited fate.
A child escaping
from a locked deck gate,
finding joy in a toy not her own,
but nonetheless carried it home.

The sound of the dogs nails
clicking on the floor
slowly then quickly to rush to the door.
A loved one is home
it's their job to greet
in return for a wiggle
and a small crunchy treat.

Joy in itself is a language not merely a word
it can not be defined
by what has been seen nor heard.
Joy is not found but instead brought to you
from a kiss pounce from Katie
or poo on your shoe.

Prospective is the key for glee.
Breast lumps overshadow a bad hair day.
Cupboards bare and bills to pay -
troubles and time so quickly wash away.

Yet Joy can be embraced as we SPIN ourselves to Twinkle Star bliss .

Ironically found...In what we don't miss.

"I'm gonna miss you Patrick! I love you!"

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