Tuesday, April 11, 2006
What Happened to the King's English?

Remember when "hippie" meant big in the hips -
And a "trip" involved travel in cars, planes and ships?
A "Pot" was a vessel that we cooked things in,
And "hooked" was what Granny's rug may have been.

When "neat" meant well-organized, tidy and clean,
And "grass" was a ground cover, usually green.
When "lights", not people; were turned on and off,
And the "pill" was something you took for a cough?

When "fuzz" was a substance - fluffy like lint,
And "bread" came from bakeries not from the mint.
When "square" meant a 90-degree angle form,
And "cool" was a temperature not quite so warm.

When a "roll" was a bun and a "rock" was a stone,
And a "hang-up" was something you did with your phone.
When "chicken" meant poultry and "bag" was a sack,
And "junk" trashy cast-offs and old bric-a-brac.

When "swinger" was someone who swung on a swing,
And a "pad" was a soft sorta cushiony thing.
To "dig" meant to shovel and spade in the dirt.
And a "put on" was something you would do with a shirt.

Words once so sensible, sober and serious -
Are now making the freak scene like phycho delirious.
It's Groovy, man, Groovy. But English it's not -
The King thinks that his language has gone straight to the pot!
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  • At 9:00 AM, Blogger JayMonster said…

    Oh it get's worse. MUCH worse. Many of your references, while completely understandable to me (I'm 40), would leave many a kid today howling at such old phrases.

    Cool? No now it is "Phat"!
    My friend? No my "Home Skillet Biscuit"

    I agree? nope that would be "Word to your mother"

    In short... What!?! Not only is the king's english dead... apparently now the maggots have infested it.

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