Friday, February 16, 2007
Margie Unplugged - Thank God it's Friday
Behind the scenes here it has been one heck of a busy week! I'm in the mood for a little moshing, head-banging and heavy metal this evening. If you are too, then play away. (Dr. John; you may want to pass on this one, Sir.)

I'll do 'ya all a favor and totally leave out my hectic events this week. I had a very nice Valentine's Day and evening. Gon didn't buy me flowers but instead hooked Squirt up with a half a dozen. Instead of chocolate he brought us a bottle of Champagne. A bottle that we are sipping on right now at this very moment. So if I sound a little out of sorts and tipsy - I most likely am.

My favorite gift of all was a hand held Solitaire Game. See, I have this sick ritual whenever I go to the bathroom. I've graduated from reading material to playing hand held games such as Yahtzee and Poker. Both games have taken quite a beating from their everyday use and now I have a new one to raise a stink over.

Today was uneventful, really. For those who don't know I take care of an elderly couple here in Savannah. The Mister had to go away for two days for surgery. He's home now with a big boo-boo on his forehead and a big boo-boo on his shoulder. Doing well and feeling quite chipper despite all he has been through.

I was able to call it a day early and came home to relax for a few. That was until Squirt decided we needed to go to the store to buy a "Spongebob's House." A few weeks ago I explained to her that we can buy pineapples at the store and I think she was expecting some giant hollow house of a thing she could climb into and play in. The only pineapple she has had were those right out of the can. Tonight, she's tickled pink and quite intrigued with this prickly fruit. I haven't the nerve to chop it up just yet.

Well, I'm just going to quit posting and get down and around visiting blogs this evening. Quitting now before the champagne gets me to sounding a little too silly and giddy. For now, lifting my glass in honor of "St. Practice Day".

"Here's to a great weekend for everyone!"


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