Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Five Senses Meme
Five smells I love ~
1) The smell of warm chocolate pudding.
2) The smell of a fresh Christmas Tree.
3)The smell of the fresh salty air at the ocean's shore.
4) The smell of a campfire.
5) The smell of a magic marker.

Five sights I love ~
1) My daughter's smile.
2) Mesmerizing fiber optics.
3) Kittens playing.
4) Savannah's trees heavy with Spanish moss.
5) Mountain top views of other mountains.

Five tastes that I love ~
1) The taste of my husband's lips.
2) Real Dutch chocolate.
3) Pumpkin pie.
4) Hot dogs at a ball park.
5) Water right from the garden hose.

Five sounds I love ~
1) Dog ears flapping as they awake and chase off their sleepies.
2) My husband's deep voice.
3) My daughter singing in the morning.
4) Ocean waves crashing.
5) Wind chimes.

Five things I love to touch ~
1) Bunny rabbits.
2 ) Silk bed linens.
3) My husband's hairy chest.
4) A hot, fabric softened and fresh bath towel straight from the dryer.
5) Warm beach sand on my toes.


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  • At 1:03 AM, Anonymous Shari said…

    Everything you mentioned sounds so poetic! I love how you love your husband. *happy sigh*

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