Tuesday, August 07, 2007
I'm so busted.
Aristocracker over at SMN posted about a terrible act of vandalism at a nearby State Park. Here is his photo of the defaced sign.

It has been suggested that this may be the workings of an addled English Major. A woman whom earlier this year decided to venture down to Butterbean Beach (Skidaway Narrows to all y'all Yankees out there.) to experience some of the local culture.

The smoke of Kingsford Charcoal enticed her over to the picnic area to find plump chicken wings on the grill. The wings were of the ordinary Claxton variety with the telltale goosebumps and the white little hair stubble; singe'ing over the hot coals.

Simmering nearby in a small cast iron pot was this incredible homemade hot wing sauce. Attended to by the infamous Dredd-Locked Chef who claims to be the dysfunctional and illegitimate great grandson of the late Uncle Ben. He was as free-spirited as Bob Marley but not so free to share his hot wing sauce recipe.

Six finger-slurping-good wings later and I cannot recall a thing. That is, except waking up under that blasted old sign a few hours later and over half a mile away on Skidaway Island.

I don't think I defaced the sign, but if Guatemalan Insanity Peppers was the secret ingredient in Butterbean Dude's Wing Sauce recipe - we may never know.

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