Friday, March 10, 2006
Honest - as Good as I've Got - Answers
What took so long for the fresh start to happen?
-All group owners had to be in agreement to hit the "delete key" and reset the group. The group owners disagreed over a variety of different issues.

Who shut the group down and resurrected it again?
-Topica was asked to shut the group down and Little Johnny and I resurrected it again.

Why was the chaos permitted to continue for so long?
- Many of the groups owners were AWOL due to family/work responsibilities. Active owners and past owner (me) were in disagreement over what needed or didn't need doing.

I would really like to know why when I tried to let "Little Johnny" know what was going on, NOTHING was done about it until YOU got attacked. What would have happened if you were not attacked?
-First let me explain that Little Johnny originated and promoted the Discordant Collywobbles group at Topica. They had the website, the newsletter and the group for fun. They never made a profit from these ventures. They have a growing family and responsibilities that have taken up much of their time. Just over a year ago the LJ Daily Joke Newsletter had stopped so they could have more family time. Their participation in the group had also been minimal. There was no way to easily contact them to get their immediate attention to your concerns.

I was attacked in a variety of different angles, not all on your behalf. My Inbox was attacked after I had already resigned as owner on the Topica group listserv. I contacted WHO@ and they told me to change my email address and ignore the attacks - and the attacker would eventually tire and go away. In other words, they were telling me to do nothing and to let "evil triumph" in this matter.

Obviously I disagreed with them. I don't believe in putting bandaids on broken ankles. If I'm going to put my time, effort and emotion into something - then I was going to go full-frontal with this. Clean sweeping all the way back to what caused the fall that broke the ankle in the first place.

Truth - if I weren't attacked or if I had listened to the advice of WHO@ - ALL of the wounds would still be left wide open and the hurts would not be able to begin healing. On the groups behalf, on your behalf - and I would have failed as a human being by not facing responsibilities and holding accounts for my own failures.

I hope these answers are what you were looking and hoping for.
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